Jak Tu Ładnie in Osadzie

In JAK TU ŁADNIE it is not only beautiful but also cheerful

In Jak Tu Ładnie you will find both nature and time that got lost somewhere…

We have prepared atmospheric and comfortable garden furniture and an umbrella for you on the terraces of the houses and in the gardens of the houses. There are also deckchairs and a rocking chair to make you feel comfortable and cozy when you spend time together outdoors, relaxing, reading, or playing cards or board games. We carefully selected the books available in each house so that everyone could find something for themselves.

In Jak Tu Nice, children have their own quite large place to play on the playground, where there is a wooden house, a swing, a slide, a climbing wall, a sandbox and a swimming pool with heated water. For sports enthusiasts, we have prepared a water equipment and bicycle rental. We love traveling around Masuria, so we wrote down our favorite bicycle routes and attractions that children love, as well as historical places worth visiting, such as: Wilczy Szaniec.

At Jak Tu Ładnie there is also a beach volleyball court, and of course a sandy beach with a pier. If you like fishing, it is unimaginably beautiful at Lake Jagodne when the sun comes out from behind the horizon – we also lend fishing pontoons and fishing rods :). In the evenings you can barbecue on the terraces of houses and cottages (healthily, of course, because on a gas grill), or sit on the shore of the lake by the bonfire. Not only are the evenings unforgettable in our lavender sauna and tub and the only thing you can think about then is: wait a while! We watch movies with passion, and our friend Ewa has no small influence on this. ❤ We make our enchanted home cinema available to everyone who has the same need.

Check out attractions:


It is an extraordinary yurt surrounded by flowers, with an area of 120 m2 with a water dispenser, a place where you can sit, rest, talk, but also a space where children can play together. Here, on cooler or rainy summer afternoons and evenings, we are happy to provide a screen for watching movies. There is also a unique handmade foosball table and a great professional table tennis table. In front of the entrance there is a chess table, which on cold or rainy days we hide in the yurt, just like a movie screen, so that regardless of the weather we can watch a movie and eat delicious popcorn from a real popcorn machine!


While the children are playing, the parents are relaxing 😉
The playground has a sandbox, a playhouse, a climbing wall, climbing frames, a slide and a swing. There is a football goal and a badminton net. In summer there is also a swimming pool for children


A large swimming pool (dimensions: 7.5 m x 4 m x 1.40 m) with heated water provides everyone who uses it with a lot of joy. Both children and adults spend long hours playing in the water.


Between Pranks you will find quite a lot of ideas for pranks. Here you can rent kayaks and bicycles, but you can also buy regional beer and delicious wine. We have traveled through Masurian winding paths and busier roads and have prepared nearby bicycle routes for you, and also car trip routes



Do you like feeling the warm wind in your hair? I guess everyone likes it 🙂 so there’s nothing to wait for, you just have to decide on an unforgettable adventure of exploring Masuria from the lakes by sailing on a SEA-DOO GTX PRO 130 White & Reef Blue – model 2021. For your safety, you must have a motorboat license. It is necessary to pay a deposit of PLN 2,000. The scooter reaches a maximum speed of 80 km/h and its fuel consumption is approximately 10 liters/h.

You can check the parameters and availability here.


smelling of nature, it is intended to be a joy for all who love the Finnish sauna and wooden garden hot tub. Comfortable, made of natural raw materials by a high-class Finnish manufacturer, intended for year-round use.

Price list for renting the Lawendowa SAUNA AND BALL
Sauna: PLN 120, use time 1 hour
Hot tub: PLN 120, duration of use: 1 hour
Sauna + hot tub: PLN 180, total use time 1.5 hours
Sauna + hot tub: PLN 220, total use time 2 hours


We love lying on deckchairs and swinging in hammocks, so we want you to enjoy this happiness too.


It is no further than 100 meters from the SETTLEMENT, it is small and intimate, perfect for summer vacationers. The pitch adjacent to the beach gives a lot of pleasure with the view of the Masurian lake.


In the home version, it is our dream come true to be able to watch movies in a family atmosphere outdoors. Knowing that leaving small children sleeping is risky, we purchased wireless baby monitors so that you can watch a movie in the evening without worrying whether the children are sleeping safely. When it rains, we invite you to the yurt. See you on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays 📽.


It is right behind the fence, right on the lake. These evenings by the bonfire are remembered all year long, longing for summer in Masuria.

It is possible to organize a bonfire on the shore of the lake, below are the various options we give our guests to choose from:
● We prepare a bonfire and carry wood – PLN 150
● Prepare a bonfire yourself, and we will provide a wheelbarrow of wood – PLN 70
● Campfire package (sausage, bread, pickled cucumber) – PLN 50 per person


We invite you for an unforgettable journey around the Masurian lakes on a world-class motor yacht by Axopar, model 28 Cabin, signed by the Brabus line. The yacht can accommodate 8 people plus the helmsman. Sailing on this motorboat, especially at sunset, will make the world more beautiful. You can go there for the only fish in Masuria, served in the middle of Lake Szymon, or to Giżycko or Mikołajki.

total length 9 m
width 2.95 m
height above KLW 2.83 m
immersion 0.80 m
crew 9 people
berths 4
fuel tank 280 l
combustion ok. 1.5l/min. at full speed
outboard motor 300 HP
max speed 70 km/h
design category C

The cost of renting a yacht (min. 2 hours) PLN 1,200 + fuel, each additional hour PLN 500 + fuel.
All day (max. 8 hours) PLN 3,000 + fuel.


Using clean air closer to the sky must be even healthier, and that is why we contacted Mr. Dariusz Brzozowski, an outstanding Polish pilot who not only has 30 years of experience and 3,500 flight hours, but also set the Polish altitude record in the AX-9 class.
A balloon trip over the Masurian lakes is a source of unimaginably wild joy! Wanting you to have as little worries as possible, we made sure that the take-off and landing were at our settlement.

Balloon flight price list
Balloon flight PLN 500/person – with the presence of at least 4 people / max 20 people
Balloon flight PLN 2,000 – with 1/2 attendance


They come to their home every year! We are fascinated by them! Mr. Stork is Wincenty and Mrs. Stork is Hildegard. This year, Mr. Stork arrived first on March 24, and a day later Mrs. Stork arrived.
We are waiting for children ❤️


The port is charming and small, with room for 50 yachts. In a quiet bay, picturesque and well-kept. The port from Osada is 400 meters away.