Holidays in Masuria

Masuria is incredibly beautiful! I think that Lake Jagodne should be called Pogodne Jagodne. Of course, I am subjective, there are no more beautiful sunsets than those on our lake. We love driving around Masuria, we are constantly amazed by the path winding through the forest, the overgrown bridge, the church still remembering the Teutonic Knights, or the historically terrifying place where Hitler resided (Wolf’s Lair). We regularly do kitchen expeditions :). And not only when we don’t feel like cooking. We often travel to local inns and restaurants out of curiosity to learn about regional flavors. When our daughters were little, we traveled the length and breadth of Masuria in search of children’s adventures, and there are quite a lot of them in Masuria! We have gathered everything for you into one whole, which we have divided into several parts: for bicycle trips, car trips both near and far, and for food trips that we love. We have added a whole bunch of practical information and places where you can buy regional products. Pleasures in Masuria!

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